Why Every Shoe Girl Needs a Good Podiatrist (Who is Also a Shoe Girl at Heart)

As a woman of a certain age, I have had to sadly give up some of my most slay-worthy shoes.  Well I still have many of them because some shoes are works of art and some bring up the fondest memories and are too hard to part with.  But I have bagged up at least 30 pairs and consigned or donated them.  I even gave a pair of Nine West sculpted wedges to a friend who had coveted them.

Why must I give up things that used to grace my feet, investments so to speak?  Some would say because I wore stilettos too much (even while pregnant in my late thirties!) but no one really knows.  There are quite simply changes that take place all around one’s body as one ages.  So my feet are no longer comfortable in certain heel heights and toe shapes.  That’s the bottom line.  Fortunately this coincides with a time when flats and booties are more in style now than previously.  Booties are beasts!  I believe boots and booties have no season.

In any case I have a bunion that sometimes hurts but I don’t want surgery and my wonderful podiatrists concurs.  Prior to her, I had been to at least two other (happened to be male) podiatrists who said I should have had surgery years before and that I should be sentenced to wearing ugly shoes like clogs for the rest of my life and berated me for wearing my timeless strappy sandals purchased in Paris.  So obviously a new podiatrist was in order.  The new one is a she.  She says that unless the bunion hurts all the time even while sleeping there is no need to break those bones.  (It only hurts sometimes.) It’s a 4-6 week or longer recovery period and actually takes months to totally get back to normal.  I personally don’t have that much time to be off my feet so that’s out.  In the meantime she said, it’s all about the shoe and even gave me a list of shoe places to try.  I came in today with my Marcel sandals and she approved.  “It’s all about the material,” she said smiling.  (In this case silver metallic leather.)

And she gave me two important tips:

If you want to wear some shoes that feel too snug put a plastic bag of water in them and then put them (water plus shoes) in the freezer.  They will stretch.  Don’t do this with suede shoes, though, she cautioned.  It will ruin them.

Also never walk around barefoot, even in your own home especially on carpet.  I do this all the time but will cease and desist as of now.  You can thank me later.

Thank you, Dr. Tseng!  Hugs

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