Why Beyonce’s Life Matters (and Solange’s and Ms. Tina’s too)

First of all, Beyonce matters because everyone in the world knows who she is and she is the dictionary definition of fierce.  If you are a Beyonce-hater skip to the next post.  (Full disclosure:  I have a lifetime membership in the Beyhive as well as am the proud owner of a Lemonade tee shirt and sweatshirt, two I Slay shirts and the red lobster/hot sauce shirt Issa Rae wore on Insecure, Episode 2 maybe.)

Beyonce matters because she has graciously allowed us a glance (I acknowledge it’s a meticulously curated glance but a glance nonetheless) into her evolution on a myriad of levels:  marriage, motherhood (a trois), daughter and sisterhood, feminism and blackness.  There were always messages found in her music from “Bootylicious” to “Survivor” to “Single Ladies” but nothing with the strong social justice leaning present in Lemonade.  I can’t help but think that factor and yes, race – because it was such a huge part of the message, had everything to do with her not taking home the album of the year Grammy.  (Where was Kanye when you needed him?) The Saturday Night Live skit about Lemonade causing white people to have to accept that Beyonce is black is apropos here.  The Grammy folk were basically punishing her for making them face that truth with her music and powerful accompanying videos.

Let us now praise the also fierce-in-her-own-right younger sister, Solange, who has come into her own and is getting her due.  The January issue of Interview magazine features Solange interviewed by Bey and Solange graces the March issue of Elle US wrapped like a roaring red lifesize gift in Norma Kamali‘s updated

sleeping bag coat.  

Her intrepid consciousness has informed Beyonce’s according to the excellent article by Salamishah Tillet.

Obviously, the mother of both these ladies cannot be ignored.  Ms. Tina Lawson. Her parenting methods shine bright like two diamonds, so much so that I, along with more than a million others, have to follow her on Instagram as well.  She’s a delight, filled with wisdom, strength and humility that she imparted to her two amazing offspring.  Impressive indeed.  There is something extra special about creating creatives.  More on that later.

Can’t wait to see where this trio’s creativity is headed next.

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